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Babylock Audrey Travel Sewing Machine

Babylock Audrey Travel Sewing Machine

No matter where you love to sew, Audrey is the free-spirited friend you'll want by your side. At just 12.8 lbs., this lightweight machine can easily travel or attend classes with you.

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Our Babylock demonstrator models are in "Like New" condition with minimal stitching time.

Demonstrator models are machines that have never been sold to customers, but have been gently used on our sales floor to show and compare the features before a customer decided on a purchase. For this reason, we will have ONLY ONE of each of the models shown. Once the item has been sold, it will be removed from the site.

In our store, it was our policy that machines were used for demonstration purposes only.  That were never used in a classroom or for regular sewing projects in the store.  Some will have more stitches or time on them than others depending on how long they were on our sales floor. Our policy was also that our machines were turned "off" when not in use and were always plugged into serge protectors.

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Shipment of all products is only available to the Continental US- Thank you!

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**About Updates and Upgrades - Yes, there is a Difference!

Update:  An update is usually a FREE download from the manufacturer's website.  It may add a few new features to the machine such as the ability to recognise a new hoop or it may fix some small issue that wasn't working just quite right.  But, it does not add new features to the machine.

Upgrade:  An upgrade is PURCHASED by the customer from a dealer and usually comes in a box with some additional hardware as well as a CD which, when properly installed, will add additional features to the machine to give it more capabilities.

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